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Join GoWell and earn up to AED 2500 a year in rewards by living a healthy life.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast, just starting your health journey or have no idea where to begin – GoWell is here for all.

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Why join GoWell from etisalat by e&?

Enjoy too-good-to-be-true rewards

Earn device cashback and exclusive lifestyle rewards for shopping, fitness, coffee, spas and much more, up to AED 2,500 a year

Know your health

Get your unique GoWell Health Age through quick and easy assessments

Improve your health

Get personalized weekly goals for your preferred fitness activities and an unbelievable multi-gym subscription plan

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Win Big with GoWell this DFC 30x30

GoWell is the proud Association Partner of DFC 30x30. Just sign-up and enter weekly raffles for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Astro or annual membership to 16+ gyms.

Register for GoWell during Dubai Fitness Challenge to qualify for the raffles.

  • Enter valid email id and mobile number during registration.
  • Winners will be announced and contacted within two weeks from their registration.

6 lucky winners per week including:

  • 3 x Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Astro, and
  • 3 x annual membership to 16+ gyms

The contest is valid for all new users registering from 28 October to 26 November.

  • 1st raffle will include registrations from 28 Oct to 5 Nov
  • 2nd raffle will include registrations from 6 Nov to 12 Nov
  • 3rd raffle will include registrations from 13 Nov to 19 Nov
  • 4th raffle will include registrations from 20 Nov to 26 Nov

  • Download GoWell UAE application from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), click here
  • Complete registration with all details, link up any available smartwatch or heath app to GoWell.
  • Register only one account per device.
  • Registration allows free 30-days access to GoWell, no payment is required at this stage.
  • Only one prize allowed per user during this campaign

Popular Questions

It’s simple, really!

  • Download GoWell UAE app and register for free
  • Link up your fitness device or smartphone app
  • Complete a quick health assessment and get personalized weekly goals
  • Achieve your goals by walking, swimming, cycling or working out (by measuring steps or heart rate), and get rewarded every week
  • Continue achieving your goals and earn status upgrades for greater rewards
  • Get additional points for wellness screenings and participation at special events

Just register and create your GoWell account, to enjoy 30 days for free with full benefits. No payment details required.

Once you register and start using the app:

  1. Complete the Health Review assessment
  2. Link a wearable device or app to track your activity
  3. Achieve your weekly personalized goals
  4. Spin the rewards wheel to get a reward or coins to redeem

GoWell offers exclusive rewards up to AED 2,500 per year:

  1. Active rewards every week, e.g. free coffee or snacks, gift vouchers and deals on fitness and wellness
  2. Up to AED 700 off your new wearable device
  3. Discounts on sports clothing and other fitness gear

Earn back up to AED 700 (in Smiles points) by achieving your weekly GoWell goals. This is applicable on new wearables purchased from Etisalat (Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit), and is paid out over 24 months.