Leaving UAE

At Etisalat, we want to help you make this transition as smooth as possible

Leaving made simple

Saying goodbye to your home away from home can be stressful. Cancelling services, leases, visas, bank accounts – there are a lot of things to wind up, but not enough time. Here are a few tips on how to cancel your monthly subscription with Etisalat easily (for Postpaid plans or eLife packages).

How to cancel your monthly subscription?


Call 101

Cancel your plan at least 48 hours before your departure so that the whole process is finished before you reach the airport.

Close your account

Our agent will check your outstanding balance and exit fees (if applicable). You can pay with your credit/debit card over the phone.

No hidden charges

Your service will be disconnected immediately. No need to worry about hidden or late charges.

Still need your Etisalat number?

Homebound Packs

Call anyone in UAE and abroad using your existing UAE number

Homebound Packs allow you to call anyone both in UAE and abroad using your existing UAE number so you can finalise your unfinished tasks while moving to a new home.

Homebound Packs

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Homebound Packs - FAQ


Yes, making international calls is part of the allowance. For eligible list of countries where you can make IDD calls (or international SMS), please visit www.etisalat.ae/homeboundidd

Calling UAE number can be consumed from your allowance depending on the Homebound Pack you purchased. However, please make sure that you are connected to a preferred roaming partner (visit www.etisalat.ae/preferredroamingpartners ). For more information, please visit the Homebound web page.

Homebound Packs are inclusive of data allowance that you can use while inside UAE and while roaming in any preferred roaming partner (visit www.etisalat.ae/preferredroamingpartners ).

Homebound Pack is eligible for Wasel & Wasel Go Prepaid. If you are on Postpaid line, you need to migrate to Prepaid first (Wasel / Wasel Go) in order to purchase Homebound Pack.


Extension is not allowed on any Homebound Pack beyond its validity period.

Migrating your Prepaid line to Postpaid during Homebound Pack validity is not allowed and you will lose the Homebound Pack.

No need as your Homebound Pack will expire after reaching end of validity date.

Homebound Pack is a Prepaid add-on pack and not a line.
If you successfully subscribed to Homebound Pack, you have also accepted the condition that the Prepaid line will be ceased upon expiry of the pack; unless you requested to stop the condition of Prepaid line termination upon pack expiry.

You can top-up your Prepaid line through recharge vouchers, through My Etisalat App, or as per available recharging channels.

Visitor Line is not part of the eligible Prepaid products to purchase Homebound Pack.