Caller Tunes

Give the right welcome to your callers

Bored of the "beep beep" tune that your callers are hearing? With Caller Tunes service from Etisalat, you can now give the right welcome to your callers. You can select your favourite tunes from our huge library and assign it to all your callers or that special someone.


  • DIY/KARAOKE: Record your own voice to have it as your personal tune and assign it to your callers
  • Copy: If you like a tune that you heard when calling someone, just press * to add it to your album
  • Gift: Gift a tune to your family or friends and make them feel special
  • Music channels/Playlist: Select Islamic, Emarati, Bollywood or others which will be automatically updated to play the best tunes for you
  • Shuffle: Have all the tunes in your album play randomly to your caller
  • You can set up any of these features by logging on to www.callertunes.etisalat.ae
  • Salati: Let your callers listen to the Adhan when they call you at prayer times; your regular caller tune will continue to play at all other times
  • Assign tunes: Assign individual tunes for specific callers or groups - family, friends or colleagues
  • Special events: Never forget your special anniversaries and occasions - set special tunes to be played during these dates from now
  • My status: You can let your callers know what you are doing - busy, out of country, on vacation, praying etc.
  • Blacklisting: If there is someone whom you do not want to hear your tunes when he/she is calling you, add them to you blacklist and they will never hear your tunes again
  • You can set up any of these features by logging on to www.callertunes.etisalat.ae


*5% VAT excluded

How to use

  1. Text “CT” to 1100 to activate.
  2. Select your tune via one of the following ways:
  1. Via Caller Tunes IVR 144
  2. By dialling *444#
Target: Etisalat.ae Live