Credit Limit

Find out what to do if you exceed your credit limit, how to change it and more.

What is credit limit?

Every postpaid account comes with a credit limit from Etisalat. 

When your total outstanding bill exceeds the credit limit at any point of time, your services will stop.

Your total outstanding bill will include the previous month’s bill, current month’s unbilled charges and any additional charges including app purchases, mParking and Weyak services.

Any changes to your Credit Limit will not affect your Usage Charges Limit.

How to view and change your current credit limit?

Visiting My Etisalat UAE mobile app

To check or decrease your credit limit, visit app.

Dialling *122#

Select 'Credit Limit' from the menu to proceed.

Dial 101

To increase your Credit Limit, raise a request by calling 101.

For more information

Refer to clause 16 in our general terms and conditions.