Roaming Packs - FAQs

You can stay connected abroad using Etisalat International Roaming services in more than 200 destinations, including in-flight, maritime (cruise), and satellite. Visit to view the roaming coverage.

Enjoy the full benefit of your roaming add-ons in more than 140 destinations, including in-flight. Visit to view the preferred partners’ coverage. You can also review the details of each add-on detail for more information.

Roaming is activated with the new line activation (please note that if you have previously deactivated international roaming, it may not be available for your usage). For support, you can call 101 and check if roaming service is active before you travel.

There are several ways to check our roaming services and add-ons:

  1. Go to My Etisalat UAE app
  2. Dial *177#
  3. Visit Etisalat website

Additionally, you can contact our customer care at 101.

We highly recommend purchasing a roaming add-on before you travel, and please make sure you check our preferred roaming partners in the country you are travelling to.

We offer a range of options to ensure you stay connected while roaming. You can select from data-only add-ons or voice/data (Combo) add-ons, available in daily, weekly, and monthly variations. To find the perfect plan for your travel needs, visit our add-ons page.

Yes, you can call Etisalat Customer Care for free while abroad using your Etisalat roaming SIM card.

As settings may vary for each device, it is highly recommended to check your phone's user manual. Here are the steps to activate data roaming on supported devices:

  • For iOS devices, go to Settings > Cellular Data Options > and switch on Data Roaming.
  • For Android devices, go to Settings > Mobile network > select the SIM > and switch on Data Roaming.

We recommend using the international dialing pattern when calling the UAE or any international number. Please follow these patterns:

  • For calling the UAE: (00)(971)(Phone Number)
  • For calling other destinations: (00)(Country Code)(Phone Number)

We recommend using the international number pattern when texting the UAE or any international number. Please follow these patterns:

  • For sending SMS to the UAE: (00)(971)(Phone Number)
  • For sending SMS to other destinations: (00)(Country Code)(Phone Number)

Yes, you can make use of our roaming data add-ons to make calls using internet calling applications.

We highly recommend restarting your phone once you reach your country/destination. If you have set your mobile network selection to "automatic," your phone will connect to the best available network.

You can also turn off the automatic selection and you will be prompted with a list of all available networks. Please make sure to connect to the preferred roaming partners (where available) for the best experience.

You can dial *177# and select “Standard Roaming Rates” to view the voice, SMS, and data roaming rates. Alternatively, you can visit

Roaming data pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is blocked by default. This serves to protect you from accidental data usage that may result in bill shock.

However, you can unblock this by texting UBLOCK to 1010. The roaming data PAYG will be activated for 24 hours and then revert to the blocked status. Therefore, we highly recommend that you purchase a roaming add-on (where available).

You can top-up your prepaid credit balance using My Etisalat UAE app with different payment methods. You can also recharge using a voucher/recharge card via the app.