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Yes, you just need to change the front switch of the controller to “D” mode (X mode for eLife TV Gaming).

Try replacing the AAA batteries with new ones. Ensure the front switch of the controller is in “X” mode. If the problem persists, please contact 101 and they will assist you to locate the nearest aftersales support point.

Multiplayer-gaming at home, or with other users, is under development and will be made available at a later date. However, it is possible to have two players using two game controllers on the eLife TV HD STB with two USB ports.

Any controller which uses the Microsoft “X” protocol should be compatible; for example, a wired Microsoft Xbox controller. However, we can only guarantee eLife TV Gaming with its offered controller as all the games have been fully tested with the etisalat game controller.

If you have multiple eLife TV connections at home, you can play on all the connection points, but only one game session at a time.

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