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Wi-Fi Connection Speed

If you are experiencing low Wi-Fi speed, you should check the following:

Your devices
Your internet speed heavily depends on your network equipment (router)

    • Old devices
      • Your devices’ hardware – processor, network card, memory, etc. – can impact the speed
      • Corrupted, outdated, or incorrectly configured operating system on your devices can also slow down the connection speed
      • If you are using an old router, consider upgrading it; an old router, or a router that is not designed to go as fast as your package, can slow down your Wi-Fi speed
    • Devices location
      • If your Wi-Fi router is located far from the devices, your internet speed will not be ideal; you may need a wireless repeater to boost the signal
      • Physical obstacles placed between the router and devices, especially walls and metal, can reduce Wi-Fi speed; move away metal boards, if any, and aquariums
    • Viruses
      • Viruses or malware might be running in the background, connecting to the internet and draining your network’s resources; take precautions by installing an antivirus programme and perform regular scans

Number of connected devices

      • Protect your connection and use a Wi-Fi password to prevent unauthorised access
      • Share the Wi-Fi password only to those you’ve permitted to use your connection

Your usage

  • Is everybody at home streaming music, gaming online, downloading videos, streaming movies and exchanging photos and videos? Also, the more you consume the internet, the more the connection slows down. In this case, consider upgrading your plan if you are a heavy user.

Connection speed is not solely controlled from your side. The other party that you are connecting to also affects it. It could be that the website you are connecting to has a large number of users and the available speed is divided among them all. Likewise, if you are gaming online and encounter slow speed, the issue might be from the connection and the load on the server where the game is located.

Visit myspeed.etisalat.ae and run the speed test after disconnecting all Wi-Fi connections and connecting your device to the router using a cable.

Check your device as it may be running too many apps that connect to the internet at the same time. Some might be running in the background without you noticing it. Check your device settings such as auto-update, sync or back-up, as well as file sharing programmes.