Frequently Asked Questions

How can I configure my email client to be able to send Email2SMS messages?

To be able to send Email2SMS messages from your email client you need to configure it to use SMTP authentication. Depending on which email client software you are using, configuration steps may vary. For details on configuring your email client, please follow the steps below. For webmail client at, no configuration is required.

For MS Outlook
1. From the main toolbar menu, select Tools > Email Accounts
2. Select view or change existing email accounts and click Next
3. Select the name of your EIM Mail account and click Change
4. Under Server information, enter in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field, then click on More Settings.
5. Select the Outgoing Server tab, and check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
6. Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server and click OK
7. Click Next, then click Finish.

For Outlook Express
1. From the main toolbar menu select Tools > Accounts
2. Under the Mail tab, select your EIM Mail account and click Properties
3. Select the Servers tab and change the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) field to
4. Check the box My server requires authentication and click on Settings
5. Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server
6. Click OK and then Close

I am using the etisalat webmail client to send Email2SMS messages but recipients are receiving messages with empty body text. Why?

When using the Internet Explorer web browser and the etisalat web mail to send Email2SMS messages, please make sure that you are composing your message in text mode and not HTML, in order to make sure that the body of your messages are being received.

When I send Arabic Email2SMS messages using etisalat webmail, the recipients are not able to read the characters properly. Why?

To be able to send both Arabic and English Email2SMS messages using etisalat webmail, please make sure that you have set your preferred language in your webmail settings to Arabic.

What will happen if I exceed the maximum number of characters allowed in an Email2SMS message?

In the event that your Email2SMS message exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed (560 characters for English and 280 characters for Arabic), the message will be truncated to the maximum number of characters allowed before delivery to its intended recipients.

Can I attach an image to my Email2SMS message?

Currently, SMS supports only text. If you attach an image to your Email2SMS message, the attachment will be discarded and only the text portion of your message gets delivered.

Is there a possibility of any virus attached when using the Email2SMS service?

Since SMS comprises of only static text, there is absolutely no risk of viruses being transferred to mobile phones as a result of using the service. In addition, this service does not support attachments, thus reducing any potential threats.

When I send an Email2SMS message to a friend, can he/she reply back to me?

Yes. To reply to an Email2SMS message from your mobile phone:
1. Enter the sender's e-mail address in the Message field followed by a space
2. Between brackets, enter the subject of the message followed by a space
3. Add your message text with a maximum of 160 characters (including the e-mail address and subject)
4. In the Number field, key in 1234 and press Send

Do I have to specify the UAE country code every time I need to send an Email2SMS inside the UAE?

No. The full mobile number format (i.e. + ) is only needed when you are sending an Email2SMS to international mobile phone numbers. When sending an Email2SMS to a UAE mobile phone number, all you need is to address your Email2SMS to a local mobile phone number represented by the Operator code and the mobile number only.

How can I send the same Email2SMS message to multiple recipients?

Similar to sending an email to multiple recipients, simply insert the recipients' mobile numbers, separated by semi-colons (e.g.; etc.) in the 'To:' field of your email client and click on 'Send' key.

I am using English characters but sometimes I am not able to send more than 70 characters per SMS. Why?

If your email client is configured to use Unicode (UTF-8) as the default encoding mechanism, the number of characters per SMS will be limited to only 70, as in the case when sending Arabic Email2SMS messages. To solve this problem, simply configure your email client to use a different encoding mechanism (e.g. US ASCII, or European ISO) after which you should be able to send a higher number of characters (up to 140) per SMS provided that it is written using Latin characters set. You can also use etisalat webmail ( which by default supports sending an SMS up to 140 characters.

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