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Internet Packages

eLife Double Play is your combined offering of Landline Telephone and Broadband Internet services in one convenient bundled package. It provides HD voice quality with superfast internet speeds of up to 30Mbps. eLife bundles have built-in value with the landline service including Caller ID, voicemail, and a monthly credit of 20 international minutes. Your PC is protected against viruses with Norton antivirus, and email accounts are available with generous storage.

All eLife bundles are initially subscribed on a 12-month commitment. Thereafter, the subscription is monthly.

You will enjoy home services in one convenient bundled account; there are value benefits and cost savings when compared to separate service subscriptions.

Yes. You will be charged for whatever free or discounted benefits you have received when you first subscribed.

All eLife bundles include one landline phone connection. Bundles of 16Mb and above have an optional second line, free upon request. The second line is billed separately from your eLife bundle bill and has no built-in credits or free services that are included in the first line.

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