UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat?

Service is available in all UAE emirates, at key leisure and business locations. For a complete list of locations please visit our interactive locations map.

Who can access UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat?

Service is available to anyone holding a UAE mobile number and Wi-Fi enabled device.

Can I log in to multiple Wi-Fi sessions?

Only one Wi-Fi session per mobile number is allowed.

Do I have to register every time I log in to UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat?

No, you will only need to register once.

Is there a data limit or time limit during the validity period of the paid package?

No, there is no data or time limit. You can use as much internet as you want during the validity of your paid package.

Is there a data limit or time limit during the validity period of the free package?

No, there is no data limit, but the free package time is linked with your mobile data package and will give you between 5 and 30 hours of free Wi-Fi, depending on your mobile data package.

Is there a limit to the number of free Wi-Fi packages I can enjoy?

If you have multiple mobile data packages during the same month, then your Wi-Fi allowance will accumulate to up to 60 hours in total.

What happens to my unused allowance when the validity expires?

Your unused Wi-Fi allowance will not roll over to the next month. For the free access, a new allowance will be automatically given if you have a valid eligible mobile data package. For the paid access, all you need to do is buy another package and continue enjoying the service.

Can I use VOIP, VPN, and P2P?

VOIP, VPN and P2P services are restricted.

How fast is UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat service?

We always use the most advanced technologies, so our Wi-Fi access can accommodate traffic up to ultra-fast 300Mbps speeds. However, the end result that you will experience depends on many factors, including the speed of the destination server you are trying to access (ie., the speed of a YouTube page) or limitations of your Wi-Fi chipset in your device.

What are the type of devices supporting the eWi-Fi service?

The device is used only for billing purposes, as login/password can be used on any device with the installed iPass application. Currently iPass app is available for iOS (Apple), Android, PC and Mac devices and not available on BlackBerry.

If I have finished my data bundle (for example: a weekly package of 1GB), would it be treated as normal out-of-bundle roaming?

No, as iPass service is not using mobile data, but only Wi-Fi hotspots – so if your access to Wi-Fi hotspots is over, you cannot login to them anymore, unless you buy a new iPass package. However, you can use your 3G/4G mobile data regardless of his iPass Wi-Fi hotspot access.

Can the I activate the service through SMS while being abroad already?

Yes, you can.

Does the promo renew automatically?

No, it's simply one free daily pack per user (you need to text “iPass promo” to 1010 to get one free daily pack). All iPass packs are one-time charge based (you need to send an SMS every time your pack has expired), there is no auto-renewal with any of them.

How can I know before travelling if the hotspot coverage is available or not?

In order to use iPass, you need to download iPass application first (from our website or app stores), and find the hotspot finder in the iPass app. It is a map of all iPass hotspot locations. You can also check locations of hotspots on the iPass website:

Why do I need to subscribe to the weekly/monthly data plan if I will be using a hotspot wireless data?

With the weekly or monthly bundles, you have full freedom, because mobile data roaming packs give you mobility, but they are limited to 1GB of data and lower speeds, so we recommend you use them for checking websites, emails and social media. Wi-Fi hotspots provide you with unlimited high-speed usage, but limited coverage, so we advise to use them for heavy websites, apps downloads, music, movies or gaming.

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