Wi-Fi Home Zone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wi-Fi Home Zone?

Wi-Fi Home Zone is a solution that extends the internet Wi-Fi coverage in your home. This is achieved by adding different Wi-Fi access points in your apartment or villa.
Using a Wi-Fi survey tool, our experts will select the best locations for the additional access points.
You would have to pay a monthly fee for the service, and we will take care of the rest such as cabling (if needed), and all costs of devices, labour and installation.

Can’t I get full internet coverage using my primary router along with eLife?

The Wi-Fi coverage will be available in the room where the router is and part of the next one. However, this will depend on many factors, such as size of the rooms, distance from the main router, the wall’s construction materials, etc. Therefore, additional access points will be needed in medium and large homes.

Is the solution available only for eLife users?

The solution is available for all etisalat Home users who have an active account.

What are the components that will be taken care of as part of the service?

We will be providing the routers, cables, sockets and all accessories, as well as the installation and configuration of all items, end to end.
We do not charge anything other than the monthly rental per Wi-Fi Home Zone as part of this service.

What is the total price of the service?

The service will be charged AED 29 (5% VAT included) per month per zone. For example, if you opt for 3 zones, the rental will be AED 87 per month for all three zones together. In case you need to conduct a Wi-Fi survey, the cost will be AED 150 per visit. However, the visit charges will be waived off if you take even a single Wi-Fi Home Zone service during the technician’s visit.

Is there an exit fee for the service?

This service is offered with a 2-year contract. If you exit the service in the first year, the exit fee will be AED 500 per zone, while if you exit during the second year, the exit fee will be AED 250. However, there will not be any exit fee post 24 months of subscription.

What will be the speed of the extended Wi-Fi zones?

Internet and Wi-Fi speeds are always delivered on a best-effort basis. The speed that is expected within the extended zones will be similar to the speeds of the primary connection.

Is one room equal to one zone? How many zones can be covered?

In case of small to medium-sized rooms, the coverage will be a little over that room. By placing the router intelligently, you can get wider coverage with the least number of extended zones. You can add up to a maximum of three extra zones to your account.

I have my own devices. Can I use those in the extra rooms instead?

It should be noted that your devices cannot be used as part of the service. Etisalat will use only etisalat devices for this service. In addition, the devices that we provide will also enjoy up to 2 years warranty.

Once I cancel the service, will you take back the devices, cables and sockets?

The ownership of all devices and accessories remains with the user once the service is cancelled.

Can I shift the service from my current place to the next home, and what is the charge for that?

Wi-Fi Home Zone services can be moved free of charge from your current home to your new location.

Do I need to change the username and password when I move between different rooms?

In order to enable seamless movement between different zones, we have ensured that the username and password for the Wi-Fi Home Zones will be the same as that of the primary connection.

In case I choose to change the primary pack to a higher speed, will the Wi-Fi Home Zone be compatible to the new speed/experience?

Absolutely. Coverage and speed of the zones are dependent on the primary connection.

Can you extend the service to the next apartment attached to my apartment or to the next room outside my main villa building?

The Wi-Fi Home Zone service is a solution for etisalat’s customers to enhance their Wi-Fi coverage within their homes. It is not possible to extend it outside the premises where the primary account is based. Cabling cannot be done for the civil structure outside the main building.

What should I do if I want to subscribe to this service?

Simply call Customer Care at 800101 to request for the Wi-Fi Home Zone subscription. You can also place the request by visiting any of our Business Centre or etisalat outlets.
It can also be placed and done if the field engineer is already available at your premises for installation or any other service.

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