Our belief

We believe that technology can fuel the spirit of togetherness and we will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Togetherness is embedded in our culture.

Since our establishment over four decades ago, we are proud to have played a role in promoting the spirit of togetherness within the UAE. Being an Emirati company, we are proud of our rich heritage and adopt the same cultural values and morals across all aspects of our business, hoping to bridge the gap between the UAE’s humble roots and its objective to become one of the most digitally advanced and well-connected countries in the world.

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National Day

In the UAE, we truly believe that nothing is impossible. Over the years, the UAE has defied conventions with the world’s tallest buildings, the Arab world’s first mission to space, the world’s largest solar park and more. The UAE is truly a nation in constant motion towards a better and more prosperous future. And right through, Etisalat has helped by contributing greatly to the technological prowess of the nation, which has made so many achievements possible.

Our greatest inspiration

People inspire us. In turn, we try to inspire people. And we believe that technology can help bring people closer together, so we always ensure that our technology is always people centric. In fact, everything we do as a brand is focused on the people of the UAE. Because it’s the people that make a nation strong and proud.

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Labour Day

Etisalat celebrated Labour Day by honouring the ‘hidden’ heroes of the UAE and gifting 15 construction workers each the means to build their children’s futures, in recognition of their efforts in building our cities.

Why Together Matters

Togetherness is the most important thing in the world. It is the fuel that sparked all civilisations to join in unison and connect in the belief of a unified world. With every new day, it inspires creations, creates stories, connects journeys, sparks friendships, celebrates traditions, and empowers dreams. It is the belief that when we all come together, anything is possible.

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What does together mean?

Whether it's time spent with family, friends, colleagues or even new acquaintances, time spent together is always better. Together means to share, laugh, play, talk and express yourself while building meaningful connections with those around you. When togetherness happens, anything is possible.

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