A world where people's reach is not limited by distance

We at Etisalat are committed to giving back to the community. In line with one of our core values, we want to improve the lives of people as well as protect nature for future generations.

Partnering with governments, foundations and other organisations, we support a wide range of social, economic and environmental initiatives across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, including programmes related to education, social welfare, international relations and culture.

With our belief that education makes a difference, we encourage talented individuals to pursue higher education through supporting literacy projects, educational institutions, schools, colleges, as well as research centres.

We also believe that all members of society deserve the same conditions and freedom of communication and that’s why we have created products and services for people with special needs, and sponsor the Paralympics.

Our long-term goal is to continue our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and always strive to bring positive change to the world, for all of us together.