Mobile Credit Transfer


The etisalat Credit Transfer service is a new service that gives you the convenience of transferring credit/balance from your Postpaid or Prepaid account to another Prepaid account.

No. Credit transfer is not possible from ceased accounts.

No. The customer is wholly responsible for any balance transfer transaction, similar to the policy of making calls or sending SMSs. The transferred credit is not refundable to the sender. The system will give you an option to confirm before transferring the balance. You can check and verify the number to which you are transferring credit before confirming the transaction.

Transferring credit from your account to another account is quick and easy.

Just type the following command on your mobile screen (not as an SMS) and press the send key:
*Credit Transfer service code*mobile number*amount to be transferred# followed by the Send key.

The credit transfer code for the credit transfer service is 100. For example, if you want to transfer AED 13 to a mobile number 050 123 4567, you need to send the following command:

After sending the Credit Transfer command, you will receive a message confirming the transaction details and requesting you to press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.

On receiving the credit, the recipient will receive a message indicating the amount transferred to his/her account from your mobile number and the current balance following the credit in his/her account.

The recipient will not receive any notifications if the credit/balance transfer is cancelled.

All Postpaid and Wasel Prepaid users can use this service to transfer credit. All etisalat Prepaid users with active and working accounts can receive the credit.

No. At the moment, the credit can only be transferred to prepaid accounts.


No. Credit/balance transfer is not possible from temporarily disconnected accounts.


Yes. You can transfer credit to tossed Prepaid accounts. This will help you to renew your tossed account.

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