Mobile Credit Transfer

In such cases, you may approach an etisalat office or call Customer Care at 101. An investigation will be carried out and in the case of an etisalat system failure, the amount will be credited back to the donor.

Yes, but subject to the availability of sending the etisalat Credit Transfer command in that particular country.

Yes. You can transfer the credit to the UAE active prepaid account which is roaming abroad.

The minimum transfer amount per transaction is AED 2.

The maximum transfer amount per transaction is AED 150.

There is no limit on the total number of transactions per day. However, the total credit being transferred should not exceed the total amount of AED 150 per day.

The maximum amount of credit that can be transferred in a month is AED 1500 for Prepaid and AED 500 for Postpaid.

No. The minimum credit transferred should be AED 2 and the maximum is AED 150 per day. However, any amount (not decimal) in between these figures can be transferred.

The system will not accept your request and you will be informed via an SMS that your request cannot be processed.

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