Multi SIM

The Multi SIM service is applicable for consumer plans (Postpaid and Prepaid) only and not available to business users.


The subscription to Multi SIM is independent of the main primary package subscribed by the user.

For example, if the main SIM is data-only SIM, all cloned SIMs will be data-only as well. If you have a New Postpaid plan on your main SIM, all minutes, SMSs, data packs etc. will also be available on cloned SIMs.

Multi SIM works on all types of networks (2G, 3G and 4G).

All SIM card types are supported, so you have the flexibility of adding/removing SIM cards and changing their type (mini/micro/nano SIM).

  • Postpaid users can get 4 additional SIM cards (all types of SIM cards)
  • For Prepaid users can get 1 additional SIM card

All services, including roaming, will be applicable on SIMs (primary + clones). Voice, data, SMS etc. will be active on all SIMs simultaneously. However,

  • Receiving voice of calls will be enabled only on one SIM at a time
  • BlackBerry service will be active only on one SIM at a time


USSD code

Set up clone SIM to receive both voice and SMS

*105*put SIM Number#

Activate the current handset to receive calls and SMS


Check device profile/handset ID


Check which device is activated for receiving calls


Check Multi SIM number and deactivate Multi SIM service


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