Internet Caling Plans

The Etisalat Internet Calling Plans allow Prepaid and Postpaid users as well as eLife home users to make free unlimited video calls with anyone in the world using one of the available supported apps – ToTok, Voico UAE, HiU Messenger and C’Me – in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can subscribe to either, or both, of the Internet Calling Plans below:

  • Internet Calling Plan for Mobile: Use this plan with your mobile data package (Prepaid or Postpaid) to make voice and video calls while on the move
  • Internet Calling Plan for eLife: make voice and video calls from your eLife home Wi-Fi network

What is the “Free ICP promo”?

To support our customers during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Etisalat is giving all its customers free access to the ICP apps till 31st May 2020

  • With this offer, all Etisalat customers who subscribe to any of the Monthly Internet Calling Plans (Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Postpaid or eLife) will be able to use any of the supported VoIP apps at no charge in April and May.
  • Customers who subscribe during this period will also get free unlimited data for using any of the supported apps in April and May.

What is the duration of this “Free ICP promo”?

The free access is for April and May which means up to 61 days. Customers will not be charged during this period:

  • For Example: If you activate Free ICP on 1.4., you will enjoy 61 days, if you activate Free ICP on 15.5 you will enjoy only 17 days.
  • From 1.6. (after the promotion end date) you will be charged the regular monthly rental
  • Applicable for both Mobile and e-Life Home Broadband customers

If I activate the Free ICP offer on 30.5., will I get 61 days of Free ICP from the activation date?

  • No. If you activate Free ICP on 30.5., you will get only 2 days of Free ICP. 1.6. you will be charged the regular monthly rental

What happens after the free period?

After the free period, rental fee charging on all ICP plans will resume:

  • However you can choose to continue to use the Internet Calling Plan service for AED 50 (+ 5% VAT) for Mobile, AED 100(+5% VAT) for e-Life.
  • If you do not want to be charged for ICP rental fees, you can unsubscribe from the service.

How I can subscribe to the offer?

  • SMS ICP to 1012 or dial *101# or use the My Etisalat UAE App to subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan for mobile and activate the offer.
  • SMS EICP to 1012 from the registered mobile number for e-Life or call 125 or use My Etisalat App to subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan for e-Life and activate the offer
  • After receiving your confirmation message, download any one of the supported apps from iOS or Play Store and register with your mobile number. Start using the apps to get unlimited access to app-to-app voice and video calls. Once subscribed, you can enjoy ICP till 31.5.2020 without any rental charge.

How I can Opt-out from the offer?

  • To cancel your Free Internet Calling Plan subscription during the Free ICP promotion period (May, April), do the following:
    • Mobile ICP: SMS C FMICP to 1012 or go to My Etisalat UAE App
    • eLife ICP: SMS CFEICP to 1012 or go to My Etisalat UAE Ap

Can I use this offer on my eLife Home Broadband?

  • Yes, you can use it for eLife Home Broadband too.

Who is eligible for the ICP Free Access offer?

The following customers are eligible:

  • All Mobile Prepaid Customers
  • All Mobile Postpaid Customers
  • All eLife Home Broadband Customers

I am an existing ICP customer. What will happen to my rental charges?

  • If you are an existing ICP customer, you will continue to get charged the monthly rental.
  • However, if you wanted to receive the Free ICP offer, you need to deactivate existing ICP and opt-in again during the promotion period to get the Free ICP offer

Currently, there is an Unlimited VoIP data promotion going on. Will I continue to get the Unlimited VoIP data promotion benefits if I activate this Free ICP offer?

  • Yes, you will continue to get the benefits. No changes to the existing data benefits and other Terms and Conditions.

Existing and new subscribers in the monthly postpaid or prepaid internet calling plan will enjoy unlimited data for 12 months to make voice and video calls with the supported apps such as  Voico UAE, HiU Messenger and C’Me at no extra fees. This is a limited time promotion.

  • All Mobile Prepaid & Postpaid users – consumer and business
  • All eLife Home Wi-Fi users

For existing and new subscribers on the postpaid or prepaid monthly internet calling plan, no action is required as the unlimited data will be added automatically to their Internet Calling Plan to use for voice and video calls with the supported apps.


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