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Takaful Protection

This Takaful certificate is for residents of UAE for travel outside of UAE

This Takaful certificate does not cover claims relating to pre-existing medical conditions.

Important Telephone Numbers


Customer Services: UAE +971 4 270 8705

24hr emergency medical assistance (for medical emergencies or curtailment requests): UAE +971 4 270 8705

Claims (Reimbursement): UAE +971 4 270 8705


Contact should always be made with the 24-hr Emergency Medical Assistance line if you are hospitalized or where medical costs are likely to exceed US$ 250. Failure to do so may mean that you will not receive the correct level of treatment or your claim may not be paid. This Takaful certificate is now including the COVID19 cover under Emergency Medical and Related Benefits.

Preamble to the Takaful certificate – Participation in a Takaful Scheme

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Principal of Takaful

Takaful is a scheme based on joint-guarantee, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual co-operation among a group of people called participants to help and provide financial assistance to each other. The objective of the scheme is to provide financial protection to The Participants through the principles of Takaful, which encourage people to co-operate and help one another for a good cause as embodied in the teaching of Islam.“…Help you one another in righteousness and piety, but do not help one another in sin and rancor..” (Al-Maidah, verse 2)In line with this concept The Participant shall agree to contribute a sum of money called Takaful Contribution into a common takaful fund called General Takaful Fund (hereinafter called GTF). With the payment of The Takaful Contribution, The Participants shall be entitled to the benefits provided under the terms and conditions of The Takaful Certificate in accordance with the Islamic Shari’a principles of co-operation, mutual help and joint indemnity. The Company, as a scheme manager, acts as an agent (wakeel) in managing the takaful operations on behalf of all The Participants. In return, The Company is entitled to a wakalah fee which is deducted from The Takaful Contributions paid by The Participants. The wakalah fee would be used by the Company to pay for its operational expenses. As approved by the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board of the Company, the wakalah fee may constitute up to a maximum of 20% of the takaful contribution. The GTF shall be used for payment of claims (Takaful benefits) to The Participants who are eligible in accordance with the terms and conditions of The Takaful Certificate. The Takaful Contributions used for claims payment are considered as Tabarru’ for the purpose of solidarity and mutuality as embodied in the principle of Takaful. The Participants authorise The Company to secure retakaful protection whenever necessary to safeguard the GTF. All related takaful expenses such as acquisition costs, payment to retakaful, claims investigations and allocation for reserves shall also be deducted from the GTF.


The Company shall deal exclusively with managing and investing the assets of the GTF and surplus there from, if any, in accordance with the Islamic Shari’a principles as guided by its Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board. The Company undertakes to invest these assets separately from its own assets and free from any liens of its own creditors. Pursuant to this, and in full accordance with the approval of the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board, The Company is entitled to up to 10% of the investment return, and the balance shall be credited to the GTF.

Any losses due to investment and business risks as recognized under the Islamic Shari’a rulings and associated with market conditions are initially borne by the GTF. In conformity with rulings of the Islamic Shari’a as well, The Company shall be liable for any proven loss to assets of the GTF if such loss is due to the act of breach of trust or negligence on part of The Company.

Distribution of Surplus

If at the end of the financial year of The Company there is a net surplus in the GTF, The Participants shall be entitled to a share of the surplus. At the same time, with approval of the Fatwa and Shari’s Supervisory Board, The Company is also entitled to a share of the surplus of up to 40%, as an incentive fee. The surplus from the GTF would be calculated according to actuarial principles and in proportion to the contributions retained in the GTF after retakaful fees. The Company shall distribute surplus from the GTF as set out below: 

  • The entitlement of the Participant to the surplus shall be determined by taking into consideration all the claimsi ncurred under the Takaful Certificate during the financial year and after making appropriate provisions for reserves.
  • If the above is less than the amount of Takaful Contribution earned during the financial year under the Takaful Certificate, the Participant shall be entitled to the share of surplus on the amount of the difference between the Takaful Contribution and the claims and provisions above.

All eligible Participants will be notified of their share of the surplus. If the Participant fails to collect or cash the surplus within a period of 5 years from the date written on the aforementioned notification of surplus, then the Participant shall be considered to have forfeited their right to the share of surplus. Forfeited surpluses shall be transferred to a reserve account under the GTF.

Should the Participant withdraw from the Takaful Scheme before the Expiry Date of the Takaful Certificate, no surplus will be paid.

GTF Deficit

In the event that the GTF has a shortfall in fulfilling its takaful obligations, The Company shall grant an interest-free loan (al-qard-al-hasan) from its standby capital to provide for the total amount of any losses in the GTF, which shall be recouped from future surpluses of the GTF.

The whole scheme shall be governed by the principles and provisions of the Islamic Shari’a as advised by The Company’s Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board.

Important Takaful definitions

The Company

Means, Al-Hilal Takaful, the scheme manager which runs the Takaful operations, for a fee as agreed, as an agent of The Participant in for providing mutual financial protection and indemnity and making investments of The Takaful Contribution credited to General Takaful Fund (GTF) on terms and conditions as contained in The Takaful Certificate .


Means any reduction or discount in The Takaful Contribution allowed to The Participant .

The Limit of Liability

Means the amount as shown in The Schedule against the Item ‘The Limit of Liability’ and shall be the maximum amount of indemnity to The Participant subject otherwise to the terms and conditions of The Takaful Certificate .

The Participant

The person or entity as shown in The Schedule , who has entered into The Takaful Certificate with The Company to get mutual indemnity for loss as per the provisions of The Takaful Certificate and to receive surplus of General Takaful Fund (GTF) on agreed terms.

The Period of Takaful

Means the period as shown in The Schedule during which the Peril Covered should occur in order to be eligible for indemnification under The Takaful Certificate .

The Personal Representative

The person(s) who has/have been nominated to deal with the estate of the Participant upon the Participants death or incapacity. The Personal Representative shall act as though they were the Participant observe, fulfil and be subject to the terms of this Takaful Certificate in so far as applicable.


Means transfer of part or whole of the liabilities assumed by The Company under The Takaful Certificate to any other Takaful Operator or Retakaful Operator.

The Schedule

This contains the individual details of The Participantincluding the name of The Participant and The Period of Takaful etc. and shall be an integral part of The Takaful Certificate .

The Takaful Certificate

The document signifying the contract between The Company , as the scheme manager and The Participant and the terms and conditions contained therein shall be the sole basis of indemnity and benefits to The Participant .

The Takaful Contribution

Means the amount paid by The Participant to The Company as a consideration for entering in to The Takaful Certificate , which is credited to General Takaful Fund (GTF) on terms as agreed.

The Takaful Scheme

This a scheme that provides mutual financial protection and indemnity for loss or damage among The Participants , where The Company is appointed by The Participant to manage the payment of claims (Takaful benefits) and invest the funds of General Takaful Fund (GTF) as per the terms and conditions as contained in The Takaful Certificate .