Terms & Conditions – Full Home Wi-Fi


  1. All new and existing Etisalat eLife Home customers are eligible for the Full Home WiFi service.
  2. This service comes with an instalment of AED 99/month (including 5% VAT). There are no extra charges for cables devices, labour and installation. Service is automatically renewed every month once you subscribe.
  3. Full Home WiFi is limited to a single home and cannot be extended beyond the main civil structure of the home or villa to a separate building.
  4. There is a one-time charge of AED 150 for the WiFi mesh survey. It is waived off if the customer proceeds with the Full Home WiFi installation.
  5. The WiFi coverage and signal throughput is available on a best-effort basis since there are multiple external factors that can influence the network. Etisalat's field engineers will choose the network plan and the number of mesh WiFi units (maximum 5) required for the service.
  6. Only Etisalat-approved routers and devices will be used as part of the Full Home WiFi service.
  7. Customers can cancel the subscription at any time by calling 800101 or visiting Etisalat retail shops or from the My Etisalat UAE mobile app. However, customers can keep the devices/routers even after cancelation.
  8. An exit fee of AED 1,000 will be charged if the customer cancels the service during the first 2 years.
  9. Mesh access points will be replaced for free if they fail during the first 2 years of subscription (as long as there is no tampering or misuse by the customer).
  10. As part of a limited time special promotion - The 12-month free subscription will start after the onboarding month, meaning the activation month will be paid prorated after that, free subscription will be applied for 12 months.
  11. After the 12-month Free subscription, the service will be reverted to the original monthly rental of AED 99/ Month.