Set-up your Home Control Service in three easy ways!

Build your smart home with easy tutorials to set-up Alexa voice commands on the TV box, eLife TV dashboard or the Smart Living app


How-To Video: Set-up Alexa on your eLife TV box!

  • First to login or create your credentials on the app and register your smart home devices.
  • Visit the “Assist” menu on the eLife TV home screen by pressing the Menu button on the remote control and press OK.
  • Watch our step-by-step tutorial to set-up Alexa seamlessly!

How-To Video: Set-up Smart Living App!

  • Download the Smart Living app from Appstore or Google Playstore and create your user account
  • To add smart home devices, go to ‘Devices’ section on the Smart Living app and add your devices by linking with the native app account credentials
  • Watch our quick tutorial to set-up all your devices today!

How-To Video: Set-up eLife TV dashboard!

  • Access the ‘Assist’ menu on the eLife TV dashboard and click OK on the Smart Living icon
  • Login using your registered account credentials
  • Linked smart devices in the Smart Living app will appear on the TV screen. For a step-by-step guide watch the tutorial!