Stay connected with your loved ones.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to those affected by the recent floods in Libya. To support you and your loved ones:

  • If you are traveling in Libya, you can make unlimited outgoing calls to the UAE or within Libya and receive 30 minutes of free incoming calls
  • If you are in the UAE, you have 30 free international minutes to call Libya.

Important to know:

  • The initiative will be valid until the 20th of Sep, 2023
  • This will be applicable for all e& mobile customers in UAE (Consumer & Business)
  • For Roaming only the below scenarios would be covered
    • Unlimited Outgoing Calls during Roaming (only to UAE and within Libya)
    • 30 Incoming Calls during Roaming in Libya
  • Free International minutes (from UAE to Libya) are capped at 30 minutes during the campaign validity