Terms & Conditions - Standard roaming rates

  1. Rates apply to all Etisalat users - Postpaid & Prepaid. 
  2. Roaming data usage without a pack is blocked for your protection from excessive charges, you can view and purchase the heavily discounted pack through *177# (for free).  If you want to use data roaming at standard roaming rates, text UBLOCK to 1010 (standard SMS roaming rates apply) valid for 24-hours afterwards will automatically revert to blocking again.
  3. The listed rates are inclusive of any applicable operator charges and tax. 
  4. For Prepaid customers, voice calls can only be made on roaming partner networks who support direct calling. For full international roaming coverage, please see our Roaming List
  5. Roaming calls to satellite, maritime & premium numbers are charged based on roaming partners’ charges plus Etisalat Mark-up. When roaming in Saudi Arabia, a fixed cost of AED52/min applies.
  6. Standard roaming charges apply for texting to 1010 abroad. 
  7. Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion: 1GB = 1000MB, 1MB = 1000KB, 1KB = 1024Bytes. 
  8. When consuming data from a roaming data package, or at a Pay-as-You-Go rate, your allowance will be deducted on the basis of 30KB increments. Only in Lebanon, your Pay-as-You-Go roaming data usage without any package will be rated on a 10KB pulse.