Data Balance Transfer


The following restrictions apply to the Data Balance Transfer service:

  • Successful transactions limit: 5 per calendar month
  • Minimum data per transaction:100MB
  • Maximum data per transaction: unlimited if you are sending from a prepaid line or 5GB if you are sending from a postpaid line
  • Transfers are accepted as long as the remaining allowance doesn’t dip below 100MB in your own plan

The following rules apply on the transferred data:

  • Transferred data will have a fixed validity of 10 days
  • There is no restriction for receivers on number, or value of data transfers – every transfer will have its own allowance and validity
  • In case the receiver has other general volume-based data plans (like 1GB, 5GB, 10GB plans), then consumption will first be from the transferred data balance and then from the other plans
  • In case the receiver has only the transferred data balance, and the balance is depleted but still not expired, he/she will be protected from out-of-bundle charges and data access will be blocked
  • Transferred data may be re-transferred to others

Usage can be tracked by dialling *121*170#. The user will also be notified via SMS upon consuming 100% of the transferred data allowance.


Yes, to block the service on your mobile, call 101, or visit any etisalat Business Centre.

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