Smart Locks

if you sent an invite to your lock and your guest does not receive it, there may be an issue with the contact information you sent it to. Double check the number you sent the invitation to is the correct number. If the invite was sent to an incorrect number, go to Yale Access App, delete and resend the invite ensuring that the phone number is correct.

When the batteries hit 20%, you will receive a low battery email notification. You will continue get reminders until you change the batteries. It is advisable to change as soon as possible.

It is possible to change the sounds a Smart Lock makes. If you would prefer the Smart Lock to make no noise, you can turn the sound off in the Yale Access App:

Open the Yale Access App
Go to Lock Settings
Toggle Lock Sounds OFF
You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to modify this setting.

If your guest received an SMS invitation from you, but after setting up their account they do not see your key in their keychain, they may be an inconsistency between the number you sent the invite to and the number the guest created their account with. If this happens, ensure that the numbers match by cross-referencing the number you sent the invite to with the one on the new account. If the numbers do not match, delete the invitation and resend it to the number in their account. The guest should find the key in the keychain after completing this step.

Yale offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on Yale Linus, Mortise and Assure Smart Locks. In case the unit is defective, a replacement will be provided.

If the Yale Access App shows that your lock is locked when it’s really unlocked (or vice versa), chances are it needs to be recalibrated. Please initiate recalibration from the settings tab on your Yale Access App. You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to recalibrate it.
Please note that incorrect lock status may also happen if the lock is laying on a flat surface.

Customer should contact Yale for installation within 30 days of purchase. Service is void if the contact is made after 30days of the purchase.

Customer need to Contact Yale Customers Service
Toll-Free 800YALE (8009253).
Sunday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm

For warranty claims, customers need to contact Yale Customer Service when they need a replacement. By sending email to: or by phone 800YALE

There are several possibilities to enter your home without a smartphone:

You can open your door simply and quickly with the Nuki Keypad.
You can still use your existing, mechanical key.
You can ask another authorized person (friends, family) to open the door for you. With the Nuki Bridge, this even works from afar.
At a power level of 20% Nuki will notify you via the Nuki app and directly on the Smart Lock. So, there is enough time to replace your batteries of your Smart Lock.

If your Nuki Smart Lock is connected to a bridge and thereby the Internet, you can also manage your Smart Lock using your computer. To do so, you first need to activate Nuki Web. With Nuki Web, you can use all the functions offered by the Nuki app through a browser. In addition, you can use Nuki Web to very easily integrate your Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home environment.

The Keypad is mounted to the outside of your front door by gluing it to the door frame or screwing it onto the front of the house. The required mounting accessories (adhesive strips, screws and dowels) are included in the package. The Nuki Keypad is battery powered and contains two button cells – there are no wires or cables to connect

Yes, the Nuki Keypad has been designed to be compatible with the entire Nuki product range. You can use your Keypad with the Smart Lock. The two devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth, which is why the Keypad can also be used offline (without an internet connection and Nuki Bridge).

Yes, the Keypad is weather-resistant and also suitable for outdoor use.
It has a protective silicone surface to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. The housing is certified dust and water jet-proof in accordance with the IP65 standard.

To create an entry code, tap on "Manage my devices" in the Nuki app, then select the desired Smart Lock and go to the lock settings. Subsequently select "Manage users" and switch to the "Entry codes" tab. Here, you can create a new entry code. You can then share the generated entry code with the desired person.

To delete an entry code, you follow the same steps for creating an invitation code to get to the user management screen. Then switch to the tab "Entry codes". Under the "Keypad entry codes" point, you will find an overview of all codes which have been assigned for this Smart Lock. Select the code you wish to delete and tap on "Delete entry code" at the very bottom.

During the initial setup of the Nuki Keypad, a 6-digit security code must be assigned to protect your Keypad against unauthorized access. Therefore, you cannot manage and reset your Keypad without the security code. If you have forgotten your security code please contact the Nuki Support. Nuki needs a confirmation that you are the owner of the Keypad to offer further assistance, for safety reasons. Please inform Nuki of the Keypad ID and provide the bill as a proof of purchase of the Keypad. The Keypad ID can be found in your Nuki app. To access it, open the Nuki app and select the Keypad in the "Manage my devices" menu. After connecting to your Keypad, you will find an info symbol (i) at the top right of the screen. This takes you to a page containing your Keypad ID.

The Nuki Keypad is mounted on the outside of your door, which is why outsiders can also see it. If your Keypad gets stolen, Nuki offers a theft replacement guarantee. Simply send a copy of your report of loss (provided by the police) to the Nuki Support Team together with a proof of ownership (original bill) of your Keypad. After successfully submitting your documents, Nuki will provide you with a free replacement

With its all-new Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control Smart Lock from absolutely anywhere via the eufy Security app

The human body and face detection is machine learning AI algorithm. Sometimes it may not be able to detect a person correctly due to low light, person moving too fast or too far away. In this case, user can raise the Motion Detection sensitivity for a try

No, the battery is built into the device. Users need to detach the doorbell and re-charge.

Yes. By default HomeBase speaker sounds when someone is pressing the doorbell.

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