It's a plan that brings your family closer with shared telecom and non-telecom benefits. By enrolling into the Family Plan, the Family Head will have a dedicated family hub to manage data sharing and distribution, purchase family add-ons, enable parental control, and enjoy curated digital services.


Joining the Family Plan gives you access to these exclusive offers:

Shareable Data: Get 10GB monthly local data (5GB + 5GB limited-time offer) to share with your family.

Unlimited GoChat Data: Make unlimited voice and video calls within the GoChat Messenger app.

Free Parental Control: Keep your kids safe online with controls on social, video, and music apps.

Exclusive Data Add-Ons: Enjoy unique shareable local and roaming data add-ons.

Digital Service Offers: Get discounts on services like Microsoft 365, STARZPLAY, Anghami Plus Family, and Xbox All Access.

Download or open My Etisalat UAE app.

Log in with the primary account.

Under Quick Links, tap "Family Plan".

Choose at least 1 family member linked to your Emirates ID.

Set up the Data Sharing benefit.

Review and agree to the Service Terms and Conditions.

Tap “Confirm and Enroll.”

Join the Family Plan if your family:

Has a Primary account (Family Head) with a Freedom postpaid plan of AED 200 or above.

Has at least 1 family member linked to the Primary account.

Has at least 1 additional member with a Freedom postpaid plan of AED 100 or above.

All Prepaid family members maintain an active account by using paid services or purchasing add-ons to continue enjoying Family Plan benefits.

Fits the member limit: 10 for UAE Nationals, and 5 for expats.

Once you join the Family Plan, you can choose how to share your free monthly data:

Allocate data: Distribute it at increments of 500MB to specific family members.

Share as a pool: Keep it as a collective pool for everyone to use.

Any change from the shared data usage to allocation per family member can be done, and it will be effective from the start of the next billing period.

Download GoChat Messenger app: Get it from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Register: Use your eligible mobile number to sign up.

Start chatting and calling: Enjoy unlimited voice, video, and messages!

Already a GoChat user? Your unlimited benefits activate automatically after joining the Family Plan.

The free Parental Control feature lets you, as the Family Head, set restrictions on apps for family members. You can block access to:

Specific apps: Choose individual apps you want to restrict.

Pre-set app groups: Block entire categories like Games, Social Media, or Music & Video Streaming.

Once restricted, these apps won't work on the Etisalat network for the selected family members.

As the Family Head, you enjoy exclusive control over your family's data:

Distribute shared data: Allocate the monthly data allowance among family members as needed.

Adjust allocations: Change the distribution anytime during the month or schedule changes for the next month.

Set Parental Control: Select one or multiple social, music, or video apps to block access for family members.

Purchase Family Add-ons: Select preferred local or roaming shared data add-ons that suit your family’s needs. 

Purchase Digital services: Enjoy family access to Microsoft 365 Family, STARZPLAY, Anghami Family Plus, and Xbox with an exclusive 3-month free promotion.

Only the primary number on My Etisalat UAE app can become the Family Head, as long as it meets the eligibility criteria.
If you want a different number to be the Family Head, simply update your primary number in the app, then enrol into the Family Plan again.

Go to 'Manage' section within the Family Plan homepage.

Select members: Choose who you want to add or remove from your Family Plan.

Adding a member: Once added, the Family Head will need to allocate data to the new member.

Data already allocated: If all data is already distributed, simply reallocate from existing members to the new one.