Start/Stop Data

Start/Stop Data service gives you the option to use mobile data for short periods, as and when needed, where you can use as much data as you want and pay only for the time you use at a very affordable rate.




Time-based data access

2 fils/minute

Limited to 1Mbps

Minimum access charge of 30 fils applies for the first 15 minutes of usage.

After you “Start” a data session, you will be immediately charged for 15 minutes of usage (minimum session). Following that, the charges will continue on a per-minute basis.

For example, if you use Start/Stop Data for 21 mins, 14 secs, you’ll be charged for 22 mins at 2 fils/minute, i.e. 44 fils.

Do note that a minimum prepaid balance of 30 fils is required to cover for the minimum access charge and initiate a Start/Stop Data session.

Data speed will be limited to 1Mbps during any Start/Stop Data session. This is more than adequate for accessing any mobile-optimised site, uploading/downloading rich content or streaming videos.

You can Start/Stop/Check your data sessions by dialing *777#

  • Dial *777*1# to START
  • Dial *777*2# to STOP
  • Dial *777*3# to CHECK

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