Ultra Sports Benefits

eLife Ultra Sports offers high-speed internet, Unlimited Data, multiple entertainment and sports options, free subscriptions and much more! 

Amazon Prime

Get Amazon delivery, Prime Video & Prime Gaming


Unlimited movies, box-sets, kids shows & TV series

Anghami Plus Family

Immerse yourself in a world of ad-free music–anytime, anywhere! 


Get FREE deliveries with Smiles

Arena eLife

Unlimited access to premium grade PC & console games. 


Carry the entertainment you love with you on all your devices!

TV packs included

Get 300+ channels which include eLife Basic TV channels along with premium channels & regional tv packs free for 3 months.

eLife Basic TV Channels

Add-on Sports


Internet Speed

Stream unlimited premium 4K content, scroll through apps, play games on up to 25 devices simultaneously and enjoy ultra-fast 1G* speed with eLife Ultra Sports!


Immerse yourself in lag-free gameplay, seamless online multiplayer, and smooth streaming.

Social Media

Like, share, subscribe – non-stop on your favorite social media platforms.

Work From Home

Engage in uninterrupted video conferences, fast file transfers, and remote team collaboration.


Stream your favorite shows and movies without buffering or interruptions.

Connected Devices

Enjoy excellent speed on handsets, smart TVs & up to 25 other devices  for individuals & large families.

Additional Benefits

Unlock additional benefits with your eLife Ultra Sports plan

Unlimited calls to Home Phones within UAE

Unlimited home to home calls within UAE

Catch-Up TV and Start Over

Go back up to 7 days or just rewind to the beginning of the programs you missed.

Special Number

A special home telephone number

  1. Average speed and maximum speed are only via Ethernet cable and using Etisalat provided equipment.
  2. No-commitment option charges of AED 25/month extra per month is applicable.
  3. Upgrade your 4K TV Box, Home Telephone, and Wi-Fi router once every two years with a commitment of 24 months*
  4. The Regional Packs 3 months free offer can be availed once per pack per customer. The first Regional Pack chosen will be charged at AED 10/month – a discount of AED 30/month. Subsequent Regional Packs will be charged at the normal price of AED 40/month.

  • Original Emirates ID
  • UAE residency
  • The subscriber should be above 21 years old

For monthly term plans any remaining device charges will be applied on a pro rata basis.

1. If you wish to use your own router, that’s fine. Please ensure your router is capable of delivering the speeds you subscribed to. All Etisalat routers that are supplied during your installation are rated to work at your subscribed speeds and have remote support capabilities.

2. However if you face issues with your non-Etisalat supplied router, we may be unable to remotely assist you and you may need to pay for a technician visit if the fault is deemed to not be with Etisalat’s network.

3. If you use your own router then the router that is supplied during your installation is not chargeable if you terminate your contract early. All other applicable early terminate penalties apply.

  1. Home telephone to mobile calls are charged at AED 0.30/ Min (excluding 5% VAT)
  2. Home telephone to international calls are charged at standard rates defined here

Maximize Your Home Internet Speed with Easy-to-Follow Tips

Get the most out of your eLife home Internet! There are some simple tips you can follow to boost and maximize your speed and experience. We’ve made a simple short video showing you all you need to know!

Watch it here and get incredible speed test results

FREE speed boost up to 1G

The speed upgrade is absolutely free in our limited-time promotion.

  • Ultra Starter plan: Speed increases from 500Mbps to 750Mbps
  • Ultra Entertainment plan: Speed increases from 750Mbps to 1G
  • Ultra Sports plan: Speed increases from 750Mbps to 1G

Free speed boost is a limited time promotion only. The speed will revert to the plan’s original speed post validity period.

The 24-month commitment bundle gives a discount of AED 25/month. The no-commitment option does not provide this discount and provides you with flexibility.

Once your commitment period ends, you will be automatically moved to the no-commitment option, and the discount of AED 25/month will no longer apply. There will be no change to your benefits.

It’s easier to renew your commitment plan within 1 month after your existing plan expires to enjoy the discount of AED 25/month. To do this, send renewal by SMS from your registered mobile number to 1012. You can also renew your commitment plan on My Etisalat UAE app either on Homepage or under Manage plan section.

  1. An early termination charge, which shall amount to AED 1,000 or one monthly rental charge of the current service plan (whichever is lower) is applicable.
  2. For both fixed term plans with 12-month or 24-month commitment minimum subscription and monthly plans any remaining device charges will be applied on a pro rata basis.
  3. Total applicable charges will be calculated as follows:
    1. Basic exit charge + (device retail price/ agreement term in months) x (agreement term in months – (1 + monthly payments the subscriber has already made under contract)
    2. The device charge is dependent on the retail price of the device which can be any or all of the following:
      • 4K TV box (Recorder AED 720/Regular AED 480)
      • Router (AED 240/AED 540/AED 960)
      • Home phone (AED 120)

Any remaining device charges are the only applicable cancellation charges for you.

Get the most out of your eLife home Internet! There are some simple tips you can follow to boost and maximize your speed and experience. We’ve made a simple short video showing you all you need to know!

Watch it here and get incredible speed test results.

To measure your Home Internet speed accurately, ensure the device you're testing with is connected on 5Ghz Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable using Ookla Speedtest application or their website www.speedtest.net

To activate Anghami and Amazon Prime, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download My Etisalat UAE app and log in with your eLife account number

Step 2: At the top of the homepage make sure the correct account is selected that has the benefit you want to activate

Step 3: On the homepage click on “Manage” next to your plan details

Step 4: On the next page, scroll down and click on the “Addons” section

Step 5: Here you can select and activate the included subscriptions

Starzplay is already activated and available in your TV box.

For Smiles benefits: just download the Smiles app from your app store and log in with your eLife account number (you will get a code on your registered mobile number or email). Once enrolled you can start ordering and you will automatically get free delivery. If you’re an existing Smiles customer, log in to Smiles with your eLife number and the benefit will be automatically applied.

Yes, our Ultimate World Calling Plan gives you 2000 minutes to talk to your friends and family in 54 countries from your home phone starting from AED 100. For details about the plans and to subscribe, click here.

The calls from your home landline to mobile phone are charged at AED 0.32 /minute (VAT 5% included). For detailed call charges, please visit.