The New eLife TV

eLife TV is evolving

eLife TV changes the way you think about TV. It's now easier than ever before to find your favourite shows and the latest blockbuster movies from all around the world with the new look and feel. Deep personalisation tailors your TV service to ensure you find enjoyable content across TV channels and on-demand services.


  • Simple navigation and seamless content discovery
  • Detailed and rich information for TV shows and movies
  • Personalised recommendations to ensure you find something enjoyable to watch

How to use

  • It's simple, if you have our latest eLife TV box, there is nothing you need to do; the box upgrades automatically from 1 February
  • If you are not sure if you have the latest eLife TV box and you want the new experience, simply call 101 or visit any Etisalat outlet nationwide and we will assist you.

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Access hundreds of TV channels from across the globe.


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Spectacular package enriched with marvellous vantages


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