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Yes. You will be able to view all the channels even if your TV set has very few channels. The set-top box provided by Etisalat enables a large number of channels to be viewed irrespective of the number of channels supported by your TV. However, kindly note that only the channels that you have subscribed to will be available for you to enjoy. You can subscribe to additional TV packages directly from the TV menu.

You can create user profiles for the different family members. This allows you to ensure better control. Define or change allowed rating for channels or movies, limit OnDemand consumption, create different favourite channel lists and languages for all members of the family.

Not all of your favourite channels will be available on Catch Up TV. So for channels that are not, you will need to use the Recorder to record a programme to watch later. Also, programmes are available on Catch Up TV for up to seven days only, so you will need to use the recorder if you want to keep the programme for replay, longer than that.

Yes, it will temporarily allow you to pause and rewind/replay. Changing the channel erases this automatic recording to start recording the new channel. While watching a particular TV channel, it is very easy to start impulse recording.

Yes. However you will not be able to view the programmes that you have recorded if your eLife subscription becomes inactive. Once you’ve utilised the full capacity of hard disk, then older programmes will be deleted to record new ones.

High-definition HD) is the greatest advancement in television since the arrival of colour TV in the 1960s. Until now, TV picture quality has been limited in resolution by the "number of lines" displayed on screen; about 625. This has not changed since TV standards were established. Even the best TV picture broadcast was never sharp and crisp or deep with details due to this limit which was locked-in due to the early TV technology limitations. The new HD standard is a huge step forward. Full HD displays a picture in 1080 lines of resolution so that fine details of a scene or textures and shades of objects are presented well.

Three things must be present to enjoy HD TV:

  • HD content and signal from a broadcaster
  • An eLife TV set-top box
  • An HD-ready or full-HD TV screen

The LED, LCD or Plasma TV screens being sold today are offered in these two resolutions mainly due to cost differences. An HD-Ready screen can receive and display HD TV picture with excellent quality and performance. However, when viewed side-by-side to a similar screen that is Full HD, there is a noticeable increase in picture quality due to the higher resolution.

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