Home Wireless

If you decide to change your home location, you can call 101 or 800101 to unlock it so that we can update your new home location.

We will relocate you free of charge for the first time. After that, you’ll be charged AED 100 for each relocation request.

In case you decide to cancel your contract before the end of its minimum term (12 months for Home Wireless 4G, 24 months for Home Wireless 5G), you'll be charged:
One undiscounted monthly recurring charge (AED 199 for 4G, AED 399 for 5G) and you will pay for the 4G or 5G Plug-n-Play router as per the following calculation:
( Rp / Ct ) x ( Ct – ( 1 + T ) )
Rp = the retail price of the device(s);
Ct = the number of months in the minimum term of the contract; and
T = the number of months the subscriber has served in the contract

For Home Wireless 4G - The promotional monthly price of AED 199 will be available for 12 months only. After that, it will be changed to AED 299.

For Home Wireless 5G - The promotional monthly price of AED 299 will be available for 24 months only. After that, it will be changed to AED 399.

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Home Protection

The Home Protection plan covers you for any damage to your personal belongings and loss of personal documents.

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