Currently, SMS supports only text. If you attach an image to your Email2SMS message, the attachment will be discarded and only the text portion of your message gets delivered.

Similar to sending an email to multiple recipients, simply insert the recipients' mobile numbers, separated by semi-colons (e.g.; etc.) in the 'To:' field of your email client and click on 'Send' key.

Since SMS comprises of only static text, there is absolutely no risk of viruses being transferred to mobile phones as a result of using the service. In addition, this service does not support attachments, thus reducing any potential threats.

If your email client is configured to use Unicode (UTF-8) as the default encoding mechanism, the number of characters per SMS will be limited to only 70, as in the case when sending Arabic Email2SMS messages. To solve this problem, simply configure your email client to use a different encoding mechanism (e.g. US ASCII, or European ISO) after which you should be able to send a higher number of characters (up to 140) per SMS provided that it is written using Latin characters set. You can also use etisalat webmail ( which by default supports sending an SMS up to 140 characters.

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