Full Home Wifi

It should be noted that the customer devices cannot be used as part of the service. Etisalat will use only Etisalat devices for this service. In addition, the devices that we provide will also enjoy up to 2 years warranty.

We would advice you to use Etisalat specified routers as primary routers to enjoy the full benefits of the full home wi-fi service and its technology. Using customer’s own router as the primary elife router compromises the quality of service from faster remote trouble shooting to the quality of network architecture. However, if the customer still requires to use his own primary router, the request should be shared with our field engineer who would install the remaining Full Home Wi-Fi keeping the customer’s primary router as it is, if feasible.

In order to enable seamless movement within different rooms, we have ensured that the user name and password for the service will be same as that of the primary connection.

The Full Home Wi Fi service is a solution for Etisalat’s customers to enhance their Wi-Fi coverage within their homes. It is not possible to extend outside the customer premise where the primary account is based. Cabling cannot be done for the civil structure outside the main building.

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