Internet Packages

Yes. You will be charged for whatever free or discounted benefits you have received when you first subscribed.

For your ease of understanding and convenience, you will receive one consolidated bill for all eLife bundled services. The bill summarises each service and provides details of any usage for each.

Yes. If you want to access the internet at a mall, a local coffee shop or public location, you may either connect with the username/password provided by the coffee shop or alternatively, you may use the username and password of the eLife bundle that you subscribed to. A free monthly Hotspot usage allowance comes with eLife bundles (starting from the 1Mbps) To use your free Hotspot hours:

  • Enable the wireless connection in your device
  • Select etisalat as network SSID
  • Select eLife users payment method from the drop down list
  • Enter your eLife account username and password
  • Click Submit and enjoy your browsing experience
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Experience superfast speeds with eLife Internet, powered by next-generation fibre optic technology.

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