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You are only able to read the weight from the Smart Scale display. Other body composition measurements are displayed through the EufyLife app, which also provides a graph for tracking your data.

Yes. To change measuring units, press the UNIT button on the bottom of Smart Scale to cycle through and to select between Pound/Stone/Kilogram. The measuring unit can be selected from within the EufyLife app as well.

Unlimited. Each user can use their own smartphone to create profiles, or you can share a device and have multiple profiles for families under the one user account.

11lb - 397lb / 0st 11lb - 28st 5lb/ 5kg - 180kg

Yes. While the weight of children and the elderly will be accurate, other measurements will deviate slightly.

The lowest height RoboVac can pass under is decided by the machine height. If the clearance under your furniture is around or very slightly above the machine height, there is a chance that the RoboVac might get stuck.

No. RoboVacs have drop sensors.

Anti-drop sensors prevent RoboVacs from tumbling down stairs and steep drops. They may work less effectively if they are dirty or on very dark-colored floors. It is recommended to place a physical barrier to block off problem areas where the device may fall.

  1. Liquids.
  2. Chemicals, inflammable and explosive hazardous materials.
  3. Sharp objects such as broken glass, construction waste, screws, etc.
  4. Burning objects such as cigarette butts, matches, and ash.
  5. Pet excrement.

  1. Use only indoors and on dry surfaces.
  2. For optimum performance. It is not recommended to use RoboVac on thick (total thickness over 26 mm /1.02 in) or plush carpets
  3. Do not use on very dark-colored floors.
  4. Do not leave trailing cables as RoboVac may become entangled in them.
  5. Do not use it on the carpets that have tassels, as the tassels may entangle RoboVac.
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