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Unfortunately, external shifting service for smart living monitoring service is currently not available. The customer has to pay the exit charge amount mentioned above incase the shift is requested before the completion of 36 months.

However, customers will still enjoy the free subscription to the Protect Lifetime Basic Plan (Video recording) and the 3 years warranty on the device.

Out Etisalat technician staff will help you in setting up “Ring App” on to your devices, in which it will enable you to view and control your camera stream.

Setting up the Ring App can be done through the following simple steps;

  • Open Up the Ring App and create account.
  • Select the device you are planning to setup
  • Name your device and confirm your location.
  • Put the Ring camera into Setup Mode (click on orange button)
  • Connect to the Ring’s broadcasted Wi-Fi signal
  • Return to the Ring App and select your home Wi-Fi
  • Input password, and your App is ready to use

No. You need to have an eLife account to be able to subscribe to Smart living service from Etisalat

No, we do not sell the Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan as a standalone subscription. This plan can only be purchased with the device.

No. The lifetime Ring Protect Basic plan purchased with an Etisalat Smart-living monitoring offer only applies to the device bundled with the package. Any separate devices will need to be covered by their own Ring Protect Plus or Basic Plan.

Yes. Doing so, however, will place you in a Ring Protect Plus Plan with a monthly or annual recurring payment. If you cancel the new Ring Protect Plus Plan, your device will revert to a Ring Lifetime Protect Basic Plan.

Yes. There will be no change in the coverage of Ring Protect Plus for the existing device and there will be no additional cost for covering the new Etisalat Smart living monitoring service Bundle device with a Ring Protect Plus Plan as long as the new Etisalat Smart living monitoring Bundle is set up at the same location as the existing device.

In case you cancel the Ring Protect Plus Plan, your Etisalat Smart living monitoring bundle device will revert to a Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan.

To access the smart features on your Ring Doorbell and Camera’s, you need a strong internet connection. Without it, the device has no way to share data and other information with the app on your phone.

Yes, you can permit to connect to multiple users by sharing access from your account to other devices. You as admin user of your account can remove or add access anytime you want. And it is simpler than you might think!

Ring App shows much battery power is left on the battery powered Ring devices.

If an Etisalat Smart living monitoring service Bundle device is within the 3-year warranty and requires a replacement, Etisalat service team members will fulfill the request. In order to keep the videos from their old device and have them transferred to the new device, the customer must keep the original device on their account until they set up the replacement device. The replacement device will then get the videos, the subscription, and the remaining warranty. The original device will no longer have the Etisalat Smart Home Security Bundle benefits.

Learn more: send us your query @ OR Call Etisalat Toll free number 800101

For any support on Ring products customer to call Ring customer service on 8000 1 84084 from 8am to 11pm Abu Dhabi local time. Customer support from Ring is available in Arabic and English.
Ring CS will try to resolve the customer issue through Ring Dashboard help
If it is a software or related issue, Ring CS team will resolve and close the case
If it’s a hardware fault then case is moved to Etisalat team who will trigger the case to Field technicians who will schedule a visit to customers premises in the system similar to e-Life process.

If you are facing a product issue:

Call Ring customer service on 8000 1 84084 from 8am to 11pm Abu Dhabi local time. Customer support from Ring is available in Arabic and English.
Alternatively, contact Etisalat customer service (101) and they will divert the call to Ring CS.
Ring Customer service team will go through the troubleshooting process and resolve the issue

After the above steps, if the issue is not resolved and you need a replacement then:

In case the device is found to be faulty, Ring customer service will ask customer to call Etisalat Customer Service (101) for a replacement claim
Etisalat team will then schedule an appointment for a replacement
You should keep the old Etisalat device on the app until Etisalat technician set up the replacement device and transfer the lifetime subscription
After installation, Etisalat team will collect the faulty device from you.

Yes, we engineered Ring Doorbell to emit an alert outside of the home.

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