Autopay service is a great way to pay your etisalat bills automatically on their due date, with complete confidence and security, through your personal credit or debit card. It only requires a one-time registration.

A simple one-time registration before you can enjoy a safe, convenient and efficient way of paying your etisalat bills on time, every time.

Yes, you will have three choices to choose from for your postpaid and prepaid account. For postpaid accounts, you can set the amount as:

  • Full Outstanding: the total monthly bill will be deducted
  • Fixed Amount: the fixed amount set by you will be deducted (even if the bill is less or more than that amount)
  • Outstanding Amount Up To: the set amount will be deducted (even if the bill is less than that amount)

For prepaid accounts, you can set the amount as:

  • Day Of The Month: choose any day of the month and the amount
  • Date Of The Month: choose any date of the month and amount to recharge
  • Recharge Balance Reaches To: set the balance amount your account reaches to and choose the amount to recharge

You can register for Autopay using a Visa or Mastercard credit card issued locally in the UAE.

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