#Tag is a new and an innovative premium value-added service where Etisalat customers can link a short and catchy code with their existing mobile numbers and start calling each other on their #Tag instead of calling on the usual 10-digits mobile number. Customers subscribing to this service will be assigned a unique #Tag linked to an Etisalat mobile number.

  • #Tag is a unique code (for e.g.: #11 or #505)
  • Etisalat customers can buy multiple #Tags for each of their mobile numbers
  • Only Etisalat customers within the UAE can call each other with #Tag
  • #Tag is NOT a new mobile number – it is a code that will be attached to your existing postpaid mobile number

#Tags sold via Auction will be based on the final bidding price and customer will have 12 months free rental charge.
After the 12 months free period customer will be charged AED375 monthly.

You can subscribe to the #Tag service via Emirates Auction website or app: www.emiratesauction.com

You will have the right to use the #Tag, however, no ownership certificate will be issued.

Yes, you can simply switch your #Tag ON or OFF by dialling *101# and choosing option 6 (#Tag Management). However, calls from another operator to the #TAG will still go through.

All customers within UAE can call you on your #Tag (UAEs Numbers). Calls originating outside of the UAE or calls originating from international operators, or from customers roaming abroad will not be able to call you on your #Tag. But can still call you on your normal mobile number.

Upon activation, Yes you can use the #Tag immediately but you might not be able to receive calls from non-Etisalat callers within the UAE via #TAG for a limited period of time from the date of activation, as the enablement of such calls may require completion of additional configuration that is outside of Etisalat control. Such limited period may be up to 5 Business Days.

The Service is not compatible with calls originating outside of the UAE or calls originating from international operators, or from customers roaming abroad.


The request may take upto 4 Business days to get completed

You can submit the #Tag Port-in request in the Etisalat Business Center


No separate fees for porting #Tag. However, monthly rental of AED375 (+5% VAT) is applicable on #Tag activation

Callers of the #TAG will see the associated mobile number on the bill and not the called #TAG.

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