Premium Postpaid Plans

The normal usage rates apply but on a per second basis after you’ve consumed all the bundled benefits.

CallsLocal: AED 0.32/min
International: As per the standard rates on per-second basis
SMSsLocal: AED 0.19/SMS
International: AED 0.63/SMS
MMSsLocal: AED 0.47/50KB
International: AED 1.89/50KB
Video CallsLocal: AED 0.63/min
International: As per overseas operator rates

*5% VAT included

In-bundle local data pulse is 30KB. Out of bundle data is restricted to avoid unexpected charges; in case it is enabled by the customer, the pulse would be 1MB For the out of bundle rates and out of bundle charges are 1AED/1MB

All plans offer local data usage only.

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