Arena Pro

Arena Pro Gaming is a subscription-based service that grants you access to our catalogue with hundred games. Arena Pro is a cloud gaming service for streaming video games to any device (mobile, PC, MAC and tablets).

  • Unlimited access to over 100 games available for streaming, with new content added every month
  • No downloads or updates required; launch your games instantly!
  • Up to 4 players in local multiplayer mode
  • Play online with other Pleio users
  • Test the service on your mobile using the virtual controller or on your PC via keyboard and mouse. Then decide whether or not to invest in a controller
  • Have peace of mind with parental control
  • Get the first month free to try it out! It's easy to use and you can cancel anytime

To be able to play Arena Pro, you must:

  • Subscribe to the service (first month free)
  • Have an Etisalat mobile line
  • Be connected to the internet (mobile access through Etisalat 4G and 5G network is recommended for best performance)
  • Use the Arena Pro application to log in

You can subscribe via this page by clicking the subscribe button and following the instructions. You can also follow the same step via Etisalat mobile application.

For Android devices, please visit the Google Play store

For PC, you can download the client (Digital Team to insert the updated URL)

For MAC and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), visit https:\\

You can play with the virtual gamepad inside the game, but it is best experienced with a game controller.

PlayStation, Xbox, AKS S2i,S5i, controllers and the controllers sold by Etisalat here

Follow the instructions in the enclosed documents: (link to PDF to be displayed as pop-up)

For Xbox controllers: click here

For PlayStation Controllers: click here

For AKS Controllers: Click here

No, none of our games have additional purchases.

No, you can't add your games from Steam, for example. All playable games are those displayed on the catalogue.

Use the Etisalat application or any Etisalat Point of Sale.

Yes, you can play Arena Pro on Windows computer using your keyboard and mouse.

Yes, when you change from WIFI to mobile network, or vice versa, the gaming session gets lost and you exit the game.

Cloud gaming is a technology of streaming allowing to play high-end games on all devices, games run on remote servers and the video stream is sent to your device. Our games are ported from PC versions, which will require some adaptation from your side if you are playing on Mobile for instance. 

When the game is offering you to press “ESC” key, it could mean “press back button” on the Virtual Gamepad displayed on screen as an example.

For best service experience ensure you are connected either to your router directly with an Ethernet Cable or the 5Ghz WIFI band and on mobile using the 5G network is preferred.

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