Emirati Wasel

In case you don’t have the required balance at the time of plan renewal, you need to recharge your line in the next 21 days to renew your plan and keep enjoying your services. In case you still haven’t renewed your plan after this period, your outgoing services will stop working. However, you can still receive incoming calls and messages.
You can reactivate your line at any time by recharging and renewing your Emirati Wasel Plan

To set your preferred number(s) please follow these steps:

Mobile app:

  • Access My Etisalat App from your mobile.
  • Navigate to the screen that displays your Emirati Wasel plan.
  • Go to the “Manage” section and press on the plan name, control panel will appear
  • Select “edit my preferred number” , new screen will appear where you can add your preferred number(s)


  • Dial *101*971# and choose option 4 “Preferred numbers”

With every successful renewal of your plan, you can update your preferred number(s) once.

To activate the free access to on-demand Arabia pack please follow these steps:

  • Access My Etisalat App from your mobile.
  • Go to the “Manage” section and press on “My Plan Benefits”
  • Press “Activate” button corresponding to Switch TV.
  • Download Switch TV app from the app store and enjoy the free access to the on-demand Arabia Pack.

Please note SwitchTV access will be removed immediately upon failed renewal of Emirati Wasel Plan.

Upon your successful subscription to Emirati Wasel, Buy 1 Get 1 subscription on Smiles App will be activated automatically, you just need to download Smiles App and enjoy the Buy 1 Get 1 free vouchers.

Yes, you can subscribe to all available prepaid add-ons.


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