Play on Demand

Play on Demand offers you unlimited data access at up to 3Mbps speed, optimised for HD video streaming, at a pocket friendly rate of just 5 fils/min (5% VAT included), anytime and anywhere.

A minimum session charge for 15 minutes of usage will apply upon starting a data session, following which your charging will continue on a per minute basis.

Example: If you use Play on Demand for 19min 14 secs, you’ll be charged for 20min at 5 fils/min, which brings the total to 100 fils. fils.

Note: A minimum prepaid balance, or remaining postpaid bill limit of 75 fils is required to initiate a Play on Demand session to cover for the minimum session charge.

You may Start, or Stop Play on demand whenever you need via either of the below options:

You will be protected from Pay-as-You-Go charges for the following 2 hours. This means that further data usage will be consumed from other available data subscriptions (if available), or be blocked for 2 hours.

Data speed will be limited to 3Mbps during any session. This is more than adequate for streaming up to 720p Standard HD videos.

The maximum allowed limit for a Play on Demand session is 4 hours, after which you will be disconnected and would have to initiate a new session.


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