Prepaid Data Plans

No, prepaid data eligibility is limited to prepaid users (Wasel, SWYP and FIVE SIM card holders).

If you do not have enough balance, the unfulfilled request will be “parked” for 7 days. Once you avail within the 7 days, the subscription shall take place. Only one “parked” subscription is allowed at a time. Therefore, in case of multiple failed attempts, only the latest one is kept.

You can subscribe multiple times to the same pack or different ones for one-time packs and Social Plus bundles only.

No. Two auto-renewal plans cannot coexist; subscribing to one will cancel the other

Upon cancellation, benefits will remain available until data is completely used or the validity expires. However, Social Data benefits will be removed immediately along with any unused allowance upon cancellation.

Data and credit transfer

Help keep your family and friends stay in touch.

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Play on Demand

Break free from data limits when streaming videos

Incoming Voice Roaming

Enjoy a wide range of incoming voice roaming packages


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Control Line

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