Al Shamil

Firstly, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable linking your computer and the modem. If this does not resolve the problem, click on 'Start > Settings > Control Panel > System - Device Manager', double-click Network, highlight Speed Stream Adapter, click 'Properties > Driver > Update driver'. Now insert the Broadband for Home (Al Shamil) CD to update the modem drivers.

Make sure modem cable is firmly connected to the wall jack. Reset the modem and see if the problem is still there. If the problem has not gone away, there could be a problem with the DSL connection.

If the modem LED is yellow, new firmware is being downloaded. Wait until the modem LED turns green.

Please check the following and if you are still not able to receive emails, please call 101.

  • Verify that you are entering the correct email password, and that the email client is configured as follows: Incoming mail server:, user id:
  • Check your email forwarding settings from within the web mail interface and make sure that forwarding is not configured
  • Check your email storage quota. If it has been completely used up, try to free some space by deleting some of the emails stored, or apply for an upgrade to your email storage quota.

For further details on upgrading your storage quota, please visit our website at

Please check the following and if you are still not able to send emails, please call 101.
  • Make sure you are writing your full email address in lowercase letters in the email address field, and that your email client is configured as follows: Outgoing mail server:
  • Make sure you are sending to a valid email address, any mistake in typing the address can cause this problem.
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