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You need to install the modem drivers on your computer.

Only modems that are sold directly through Etisalat outlets or those that have been type-approved by Etisalat may be used. Please visit to check for an up-to-date list of type-approved modems.

No. WebTV uses an analogue modem to connect you to the internet and your television acts as your monitor. WebTV is mainly designed for those who do not own a computer.

The Internet for Home (Al Shamil) Limited Access 256Kbps package is designed for home users who wish to have access to high speed broadband connection for a limited number of hours during the month while paying a flat monthly rate. This package gives you internet access for 15 hours per month while paying a fixed monthly charge of AED 99, with any additional usage charged at AED 2.99/hr.

The difference between the three services is clarified in below table:

ServiceDialupInternet for Home Limited AccessInternet for Home
Access methodNormal Telephone LineHigh-speed DSL lineHigh-speed DSL line
ModemAnalogue 28.8 modem within PCWired USB ADSL modem is recommended to control usage, wireless is possible.Wireless OR wired ADSL modem / gateway
Access SpeedsSpeed up to 56KbpsSpeed up to 256KbpsDifferent speeds
Time limitationUsage charged per hour15 hours per monthUnlimited
Monthly ChargesAED 20AED 99Based on the speed:
256K = AED 149
512K = AED 189
1MB = AED 249
2MB = AED 349
Usage ChargesPeak Time
AED1.80/per hour (from 6:00am-1:00 am)

Off-Peak Time
AED1.00/per hour (from 1:00am-6:00 am)
Usage in excess of allowed monthly usage of 15 hours is charged at AED 2.99 per hour. 

It is recommended that you use a DSL modem that's connected by USB connection to your PC and will switch off when your PC is shut down. It is advisable to avoid using DSL Router or Gateway as these modems stay connected to the internet even while the PC is switched off. Avoid saving your internet access password on your PC to avoid auto-connecting and incurring access usage. Configure your internet browser to dial-out only when a network connection is required and set the idle time out on your browser so that the connection disconnects when not in use. Please note that the idle time-out will not work if you have any application like messengers, p2p software or antivirus software which constantly accesses the internet.

DSL decreases in performance as the distance from the exchange increases. There are limits on how far your home can be from the nearest etisalat exchange. We will be able to advise you of any problems.

DSL decreases in performance as the distance from the exchange increases. There are limits on how far your home can be from the nearest Etisalat exchange. We will be able to advise you of any problems.

Users using wireless routers should take the following precautions to avoid unwarranted usage:

  • Always switch off your routers to avoid extra usage as the routers will stay connected to the internet even if the PC is switched off.
  • Configure the idle timeout settings to a comfortable interval (preferable 5 minutes or less) so that the router will disconnect from the Internet, when not in use.
  • Secure the wireless connection using a strong encryption technique so that trespassers cannot initiate a live session on your Internet, if your router is switched on and during idle timeout mode.
  • The best precaution is to switch off your router when you are not using the internet.

eSupport is an automated desktop internet connection that works as your tool to solve technical Internet problems and guides you through what should be done. This service allows computers to become self-repairing devices by having a virtual agent inside your PC, always ready and active to solve your technical issues and directing you to the correct channel of support.

eSupport can help with problems such as

  • Overcoming issues related to retrieving your email
  •  Scanning your system for common computer problems
  • Finding answers to frequently asked questions
  • Contacting your support provider regarding your applications or service
  • Keeping you updated by sending you alerts 
  • Keeping your software always updated by using the latest technology and executing needed support jobs automatically
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