When using the Internet Explorer web browser and the etisalat web mail to send Email2SMS messages, please make sure that you are composing your message in text mode and not HTML, in order to make sure that the body of your messages are being received.

To be able to send both Arabic and English Email2SMS messages using etisalat webmail, please make sure that you have set your preferred language in your webmail settings to Arabic.

Yes. To reply to an Email2SMS message from your mobile phone:

  1. Enter the sender's e-mail address in the Message field followed by a space
  2. Between brackets, enter the subject of the message followed by a space
  3. Add your message text with a maximum of 160 characters (including the e-mail address and subject)
  4. In the Number field, key in 1234 and press Send

No. The full mobile number format (i.e. + ) is only needed when you are sending an Email2SMS to international mobile phone numbers. When sending an Email2SMS to a UAE mobile phone number, all you need is to address your Email2SMS to a local mobile phone number represented by the Operator code and the mobile number only.

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