Daily Local Calling Packages

The Daily Local Calling packages are daily bundles of local minutes offered at lower rates and are available to all Wasel users.

Daily Package

Charges per day (AED)*


5 local minutes


One dayPer minute

10 local minutes


30 local minutes


*5% VAT included

When you make the first local call after subscription:

  • The rental for the bundle will be deducted
  • The minutes included in the bundle will be credited to your account
  • Once you have used up all the bundle minutes for the day, local calls will be charged at the tariff plan rates for the rest of the day
  • International calls will also be charged as per your tariff plan

You do not have to subscribe to the bundle every day. It will automatically be assigned to you once you make the first local call of the day.

You can use these minutes to call any landline or mobile number in the UAE (etisalat and du). Calls to local premium numbers are not included in these bundles. Such calls will be charged as per your tariff plan.

The bundle of minutes is valid only for the day. Unused minutes (if any) will expire at the end of the day (midnight). A new bundle will be added to your account the next day as and when you make the first local call for the day.

With Daily Local Calling package, you can enjoy:

  • Discounted rates on calls to any mobile or landline in the UAE
    • 44% savings on the 5-minute and the 10-minute packages compared to standard local call rates
    • 63% savings on the 30-minute package compared to standard local call rates
  • Pay only on days you use – automatic renewal of bundle only on days you make local calls
  • Affordable rentals with bundled minutes to suit your needs
  • No extra charges/fees applicable

No, this is a permanent offer.

Yes, you can opt out any time by:

  • Dialling *111# and choosing the relevant options
  • Texting the codes below to 1010

Daily Local Calling packages

Cancellation code to 1010

5 local minutes


10 local minutes


30 local minutes


Once you opt out, you will be charged for all local calls as per your tariff plan. You can opt in again any time, simply by dialling *111# and choosing the relevant options.


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