Internet Caling Plans

Yes. If you subscribe to the monthly Mobile Internet Calling Plan for postpaid or prepaid then you will get free mobile data that you can use to make voice and video calls on the supported apps.

  1. Make sure to download one of the supported applications – ToTok, Voico UAE, HiU Messenger and C’Me – that you wish to use
  2. Ask you friends and family members to download the same app
  3. Make sure that both users have an internet connection
  4. As etisalat users, you both need to make sure that you are subscribe to one of the Internet Calling plans that fits you
  5. You can now start making and receiving calls

No, only Etisalat users should subscribe to any of the Internet Calling Plans, whether Mobile or eLife. The users outside of the UAE, whom you want to call or text, only need to download the same supported app.

Yes, you can subscribe to both types of the Internet Calling Plans at the same time and you will be charged for each plan separately.

If the contact number is registered to more than one eLife account, the request will be rejected. You can use any other activation channels.

You will lose ICP add-on and you should subscribe once more after migration takes place.

Mobile Internet Calling Plan:

eLife Internet Calling Plan:

Some Android devices have an option to restrict notifications or background activities of apps due to battery optimisation features. Please make sure your battery optimisation function is off if your device has such feature. Also, please make sure you enable floating and lock screen notifications.

Yes, Just choose "Show iPad & iPhone Apps" in the iPad App store.

Yes, it will work on all SIM cards.


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