Xbox All Access

On Etisalat website or from specified Etisalat business centers.

Yes, based on credit facility criteria. Your purchase is subject to profile verification. In case your request is rejected, your advance payment will be adjusted in your bill.

If you're already an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass member, any days remaining in your membership(s) will be converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a conversion ratio when you redeem your monthly Game Pass Ultimate membership and added to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership up to a maximum of 36 months. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships are limited to 36 months.

If you’re already an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, your monthly subscription will be added on top of your existing balance.

No, anyone can redeem the membership on the console purchased with Xbox All Access.

With Xbox All Access, you are purchasing the console and a monthlyXbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, with a mini commitment of 24 months. There is no refund; however, if you still wish can cancel your Xbox All Access your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership will be stopped on the next month anniversary . You will need to pay the outstanding amount of Xbox All Access in full as per the existing device exit penalty rule.

You will receive a notification 1 week before the end of the 24th month, reminding you that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate monthly membership at AED 44.00  (VAT inclusive) will take over.

You, as a customer, own the console as it is sold with your subscription to Xbox All Access. The Xbox All Access program let you pay for the console and the GamePass subscription in a 24-month instalment where you own the console from day 1 of purchase.

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